Code of conduct ABN AMRO and house rules Young ABN AMRO

As member of Young ABN AMRO (YAA) you are an employee of ABN AMRO. Therefore, the code of conduct of ABN AMRO applies at our events. Behaviour contrary to this code of conduct and appendix could have consequences for your membership at YAA and employment with ABN AMRO:

It sounds obvious: as an employee of ABN AMRO, you need to do the right thing. But how do you do that, and for whom?  

The code of conduct encourages you to always think about how you do the right thing, both within and outside the bank. Talk about this with colleagues. Speak up, be open-minded, ask questions, raise doubts and learn. This is essential to anticipating risks and opportunities, so that we can move forward together, as one bank. Please be read and be aware of the code of conduct when you visit our events, read more by clicking on this link

Besides the ABN AMRO code of conduct, we have a few house rules that apply during all events we (co-) organise or participate in, which account as an appendix. 

1. Foster an open and inclusive culture for everyone (members and non-members). Young ABN AMRO is a safe space for everyone where you are encouraged to be yourself and come as you are

2. Alcohol is allowed at some of our events but excessive use of alcohol is not accepted nor tolerated

3. YAA has a zero tolerance policy; drug use of any kind (the possession and/or use) is prohibited at YAA events

4. YAA has a zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse or aggressive behaviour, whether it’s used to fellow YAA members, staff, fellow organisers or other participants of an event

5. We encourage our members to give and are open to receive feedback. We encourage reporting of unwanted behaviour (for example if you ever feel unsafe at one of our events or that one of the above rules are violated). There are a few possibilities to flag this. Please reach out to a member of the YAA board, (anonymous) feedback form or one of the AAB Speak-Up channels or trusted persons.

We hope to see you at one of our events. 

Kind regards,

Board of Young ABN AMRO