For over 20 years Young ABN AMRO ("YAA") has been the young professional organization for everyone under 36 years old within ABN AMRO. Every year we organize over 30 events, varying from workshops and seminars to courses, trips abroad, sports events and parties. The best thing about it? YAA enables you to get in touch with colleagues from all over the organization. We combine fun and personal development, nationally as well as internationally. We have three pillars:



In a post-covid world, it is more important than ever to create an environment where colleagues are able to socialise and get to know one another. Through our social events, you are able to build relationships with colleagues across different departments, teams, offices and even countries. From monthly drinks at our different offices to our intercompany sports events, there are so many opportunities to have fun and meet new people. 



In an era defined by constant change, we believe its important to provide development opportunities for our young employees! Want to learn about the latest trends in AI? Or practice mindfulness at our Wim Hof workshop? Or how to future proof employees?  We cover topics including sustainability, personal development, innovation and social impact - develop new skills and knowledge while getting to know your fellow colleagues. 



Within less than six handshakes you can tweet with Trump, brainstorm with Jeff Bezos, or have a drink with Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether it is to find career opportunities, build new friendships, and gaining and sharing insightful experiences, the importance of your network cannot be overstated. With over 1000 current members and even more alumni YAA can and will provide you with this network.