End of an Era: Mirte Korenhof


"End of an Era"..this is how Mirte Korenhof (rightfully) describes her upcoming departure from the YAA board. After spending several years as a board member of YAA, and having invested lots of work and dedication into her role, Mirte’s departure simply cannot go unnoticed. Therefore we decided to catch up with her and ask her a few questions before she takes off on her sabbatical.

Lucky for us Mirte had time to share a bit more about her experience during her time as a board member and has agreed to share with us some of her reflections upon stepping down from this role. Curious about what she has to say about her experience… then keep on reading!

1. As a board member of YAA, what have you learned from this experience?

“What you put in is what you get out of it. If you put in the time and energy, it will get you such a valuable and fun experience. But you have to make the effort. And then you ultimately get that - to stay in banking terminology - high Return on Investment (ROI).”

2. What is one significant change or initiative you helped implement during your term as a board member? How did this impact YAA’s growth and development?

“I think I contributed most to the professionalisation of Young ABN AMRO. I started as a member of the Marketing Committee and standardised our communication channels. Afterwards, I became Secretary of the Board and I continued professionalising and intensifying, for instance the monthly New Member Meeting (which used to be quarterly) and the onboarding of new members. Also, I intensified our contact with members – did you know we have an objective on the answering speed of emails in our mailbox?”

3. What do you envision for the future of YAA and what advice would you give to the incoming board members of YAA?

“I consider YAA a unique addition to the bank. We’re the biggest network in the bank and I think the Executive Board can benefit even more from our 1,700 members to collect ideas or soundboard decisions. I hope that YAA grows to appeal to an even boarder young audience within the bank in the future. My advice for the new board members of YAA would be: clear communication, because it’s still not clear to me… where can I collect my YAA ski trip wrist band??!”